Our in-house designers are creative and innovative for every products comes across them, will never come out the same old boring like your competitors. We aim for outstanding and brand-new design you never experienced before. We design logos, packaging, chargers, posters, the list goes on. The following are some examples of our works.

Graphic Design

We do poster design, website design, menu design, and business card design. Our designs are never the same, and always captures what you need.



LoopShot is the first electronic and rounded pool table in Hong Kong. We proudly presented the Launch Party in The Ring, the first e-sport bar to own this table.

LoopShot is a drinking game table for shots of your choice. Just like other tables, it meant for you to have fun and be drunk.

We have designed few completely new games for LoopShot. Come and try LoopShot in The Ring.


BeerPong & SlapCup Tables

We sell BeerPong and SlapCup tables to bars, restaurants, clubs, party rooms, or maybe your home. The game tables are custom-made with different designs according to clients’ needs, satisfying every aspect of concerns.


CNY Red Pocket Design

Create and Design your products exclusive to your brand. Customize the design to fit in your branding image.


Cooperate Charger Design

Practical portable charger gifts for your employees or your clients. There are variety of opinions for you to choose, that fit your tastes and brand images.