We have extensive experiences for many types of event that you will ever need, and we still do more than you know. The followings are some events we did for our clients, as well as our own events. No event is the same. Contact Us for your customized event planning, organization and execution.

THE RING 1st Anniversary E-Sport PARTY

The two-day event was carried out together with our sponsors Heineken and Johnnie Walker. A lot of things was going on! Taking pictures with cosplayers and models in this E-sport Bar. Playing mini games with our talents. Enjoying live music with our DJs. More Photos.

Penny Chan “1st 陳國峰 Live 2019” Concert Release

The event was hold successfully in THE RING with our help. Everyone is very supportive toward the event and the concert. We are glad that we took part of the release that went smooth and well. Every event is valuable and important as our first one.

LoopShot launch party @tHE RING

It is the Launch Party for LoopShot! It is the first electronic rounded pool table. Did the new game win you over? Whatever you need, we can do it! Brand awareness, Promotion events, Social media marketing, production, your needs are our priority.

TWISTER 1st 超新聲歌唱比賽 singing contest

Hosting a singing contest is time-consuming to plan, prepare rundown, select venue, allocate staffs and judges, and most importantly to make sure nothing goes wrong during the event day! Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Production is what we keen on doing and it’s how we endure “Memorable Laughter, Constagious Happiness”. Our motivation to achieve success is influenced by your satisfaction. We have a belief that “Practice makes perfect”.

The 30th class reunion anniversary of Diocesan Boys’ School (DBS)

Moments of happiness and laughter captured from everyone, where old memories come back to life. Well done to all performers and staffs for driving the event to the next level of enjoyment.

Red MR x Blue Girl x HKBPA Beer Pong Tournament

Be Prepared! Be the Best! Make your event unique! Let our skilled public relations management team be your voice to your audience by providing effective, strategic communications. Put your event experience to good use by planning, designing and throwing events for private and corporate clients. Make your event unique, We are HK elites in event management solutions.

“Singing in the Fool” singing contest 2018

Presented by XD Production Limited. It was absolutely brilliant with a total of 16 contestants, while the 8 finalists were even more outstanding, would like to review their lovely vocals. Congratulations to our winners and good show to all participants! XD Production Limited is going to present you a variety of activities soon. Till next time and thank you for your support.

XD CUP Single Challenge (WSOBP) 2018

Let’s recall our wonderful moments of the final tournament. Thanks to all venues & staffs for making our events come true, as well as the beer sponsorship @sanmiglight & co-organizer @HKBPA! And of course, thank you for all participants & supporters! We will definitely host another one soon, please stay tuned for our events.

Cocktail wedding reception by xD production

Face it: Our signature cocktails are a big part of throwing a successful wedding party. Look at the happy faces on our guests during the pre-ceremony cocktail hour! Added a personal touch to your wedding reception by offering up a signature cocktail to your dearest guests! Want to get your wedding party started in style! Take inspiration from us, your colorful creations start right here.

FAC Flagship Store roadshow event

Thanks all the models for this proactive promotion. Nothing seems more interesting than bunch of models attracting your eyesight as well as to the product they are holding. We provide modelling services to events, and enhance the atmosphere for the entire experience.

Fresh Cheers Party

Memorable events don't just happen. Organizing and holding an event takes planning! And, we did it!! It's no surprise that food, alcohol and music make a winning combination. With the success of Fresh Cheers Party, we managed to pull it all together to create unforgettable moments and experience for our clients.

Cheers Bar Halloween Party

Can you recognize these characters? Our makeup artists turn you become a Super Star! Define good reasons for people to show up. FUN!!!!! Always make sure that our guests have a reason to come, and that's what we are good at!

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott 2017 Wedding Fair

It is so glad to see our charming talents all dressed gorgeously for the Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott 2017 Wedding Fair. Showing the latest trend of wedding fashion on the runway. They are so stunning that we can’t take our eyes off them. Great partnership with Nelson Cho AJ from Mr. Right Wedding & Event Ltd.

Dahood x PHANTACi Launch Event

A great honour for us that Jay Chou squeezes his time out of the busy concert schedule to support Dahood x PHANTACi opening. We also have JW and Charles come here to witness the hottest collection of Dahood x PHANTACi right now.

Club PRIMO 1st Beer Pong Tournament

Beside corporate events, we also handle events like game tournaments. As we aim to fulfill what our clients’ needs, target on the right market just like we organised the Club Primo 1st Beer Pong tournament. Not only raise the profile and add value to the company, also create an exciting moment for our Club Primo valuable guests.

Dalaian Corporate Financial Conference 2016

Starting from the beginning, from venue booking to the whole conference setup were conducted by us. Guests shared their experience and professional advices, the conference operated smoothly and the audiences enjoyed it so much. Holding a successful financial conference in Dalian, China, it motivates us to strive to do better in the upcoming events.


It is such an honour for us to take part in the LANVIN FW2016 VIP event - the international luxury fashion brand. In order to surprise our VIP guests, we have created a Cheesecake Crunch Workshop for them to decorate their own desserts, together with persistent rose as a gift. We strive to do our best to make our guests have a wonderful evening.

Club Primo Hellyeah Party

XD Production was flattered to have Taiwan famous DJ Mykal (林哲儀) and local famous DJ Phat and DJ Kit from 24 HERBS to celebrate Halloween together in Club Primo. We got great music and awesome guests to support this party, it is our pleasure to have such opportunity to organize event for you.

Club PRIMO 1st Anniversary Party

Sharing the valuable moment in Club Primo 1st Anniversary Party. We have an excellent dance show and local famous DJ. Everyone has a crazy time that night and let’s raise our glasses to wish Club Primo happy birthday!

Facesss 13th Birthday Party

Celebrating Facesss 13th birthday, XD Production launched a birthday party in Harbour City’s Facesss. We invited KOL and media to come celebrate this huge event with us. As Jerry Maguire helps the catering part, live it up with delicious desserts and cocktails. We are delighted to share this this great happiness with our guests.