We specialize on Social Media Marketing, to help clients establish their own unique branding via multi-platform. With the help of social media platforms, we can store the important historical and innovative events, products and services of the business to everyone everywhere anytime. Those valuable contents can be used to advertising your products and services, and promote your business.

Where do we perform?


How do we do?

Location Tagging

We help you to tag the locations where it is appropriate. Location tagging helps you to promote a place or sell a brand without direct hard selling in the main texts.

Video and Photo Production

We take care of the whole photo or video production, from idea brainstorming, production, editing, to final product. Click here.

Content Creation

We consider the needs for multi-culture in Hong Kong, so English and Cantonese language are available according to the audiences.

We actively embrace the use of emojis to make the boring texts more interesting and attracting.

We also use hashtags and mentions to make the message more interactive and convenient.

Other than the main contents of the post, it ends with a call-to-action information. So, anyone who are intrigued by the post knows where to find you.


The post follows with relevant hashtags that increases exposure of the post, which would grow your audience of the post, as well as views, likes, comments and shares.

What’s Next?

Social Media Advertising

There are many types of advertising for different platforms. We use a combination of those to help you get the most results from the least expenses, since we only use the most suitable and appropriate tools for you.

Reach and Results Report

A report can tell us the effectiveness of a post or a campaign, which allows us to improve the overtime.