We take professional videos and photos for you businesses, your events and your everything you need. We plan, film, and edit carefully in details, to make sure perfections for your satisfactions. The objective of any our production is to delivery a message from your ends to your targeted customers. We are here to plan ahead for you from idea brainstorming to finish product on multi-platforms. We do the worrying parts, and you do the reassured parts.

Special Cocktails Photo Shooting @VesperLKF

How to distinguish a good photo shooting? It is those that you could not copy without a professional photographer. The absolute black background emphasize the drinks more than others.

Food and Drinks Shooting

Visual content is an essential component of social media marketing. The images that we are taking for your business will definitely make a difference. Content marketing requires more than just well-written text to be effective. Your business will absolutely get noticed with our professional photos production.

Sherman Chung Work Out Video @Absolute Fitness

Behind the scenes! Before the concert in December! Hard working Sherman Chung is fighting for the perfect body for her concert. It is a great chance to learn these moves for a fast body transformation with determination.

Branding Video Shooting @Agility

The Greater Bay Area is one of our main business area. We did a full package production for Agility, a Coffee Bean Factory in DongGuan. Introduction videos like these are important to promote a new brand to the public. From selecting and processing coffee beans, to packaging final coffee capsules, we take care every aspect of branding and promotion.

Promotional Video @ THE RING

Our event management provides you intelligent event and alert analysis to ensure continuity of your business service performance. Step up and start your journey with us. Plan, Promote, and Execute events from START to FINISH more productively with us. Each event that we plan is unique. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Promotional Video @ Twister Bar

Making an innovative video that your target users respond well to is no easy task! It must weave art and science together. How do you break through the clutter by unique engaging and effective video marketing? Let's create a memorable video and stir up viewers' motivation to take action.

Promotional video @ Absolute Fitness

Our goals of advertising is to create something unique and useful. A personal case worth talking about and sharing with others. We are going to turn your creative advertising ideas into great-looking digital and videos for online platforms. Here's one of the promo videos that we made for our client Absolute Fitness. We make video interviews with experts to deliver knowledge for targeting our clients' audience.

Promotional Video @Vanquish Fitness

The new social media marketing craze for sharing short videos offers businesses of all kinds and sizes the opportunity to break out among other competitors. Do you think video is only for the big brands with big budgets? If you haven't explored short video for your business, you may be missing out on an opportunity for more reach and shares. Video contents absolutely need to be part of your marketing strategy in the coming years.

Ngong Ping Charity Walk 2018

We are very honoured to help Ngong Ping Charity Walk in filming their promotional video for 2018! We wish runners would warm up enough for better performances. Many thanks to the invitation! We is here today to support every runners for the charity walk!

Promotion Video Shooting @ Absolute Fitness

Are you ready to grow your business? Have you thought about creating videos to promote your business? What’s the most important part of promo videos? It has to be damn good, interesting to watch, and compelling. Make use of our advertising skills to make your business profitable and successful in the long-term.

“Eat, drink, be merry” Christmas promotion

Festivals are a great way to entertain large crowds, but all of them must be well promoted to be successful! Don't you agree? Insightful and interesting video content drag your interest to the video and absorb the content we aim to present. Many people attend festivals with friends, and social media can turn the entire experience – before, during, and after – into a shareable one.

Cheers Bar Introduction Video

A short promotional video can convey a message faster and more conveniently. We send the latest trends out to engage with followers and fans. This video includes the interior design and atmosphere of your restaurant, the signature food and drinks from your menu, and whatever you want to show your customers.

Cheers Bar Features Video

Cheers Bar invites experienced singers with professional live bands on every Tuesday & Saturday Night! We're sure they will never let you down, so let's step up and come join us! We shoot in a canvas size that fit exactly to your social media page.

Photo shooting @ Queen Surpreme HK

Grand decorated setting with all lovely furniture for the Poster Shooting Day with model wearing the stunning pajama from Korea. All details are prepared with LOVE & CARE. Wearing like a queen and dreaming your Oppa prince.

Zone Post

During the shooting for Zone post, these two cute and energetic kid models bring out their best to finish the photo shoot. Thank you Zone post once again for inviting two of our young talents and just can’t believe both professional and overloading cuteness coexisted in this two lovely models.

Blansic Kid Sweater S/S17 Collection

Check out the S/S17 sweater collection and behind the scene of Blansic. It is time to grab a cashmere sweaters for your lovely children to keep them warm and stay chic all the time. Special thanks to these adorable kid models to help us showcase the new collection.

“Keeps It Simple” Promote Shooting

Love is more about the right timing. No limitations & boundaries. Even it's simple, it's more profound. Thank you “Keeps It Simple”! For giving us faith and opportunity to create this beautiful love story. We are proudly present the premium preserved flower delivery service by Keeps It Simple.

Macau L.E.T Fashion Editorial Shoot

A great pleasure to take part in the Macau L.E.T Magazine editorial fashion video shooting. Having an amazing moment to cooperate with the models and photographers. It is a valuable experience to see all those hard work could turn into a fascinating shoot.